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Contactless delivery

Helping to keep our customers and colleagues safe

Given the evolving COVID-19 situation, we wanted to reassure you that the safety and wellbeing of customers and colleagues is always our top priority.

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    Putting health and safety first

    We’re committed to making every customer experience safe – and we’re ready to serve you fresh pizzas you love, at your doorstep from a safe distance.

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    Extra safety precautions being taken

    We’ve increased the frequency of our already strict cleaning procedures and enhanced hand hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

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    Maintaining a safe distance

    Our riders maintain a safe distance from you while delivering your order to keep the experience completely contactless.

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    Online payment

    Experience a complete contactless experience & make payments online via debit/credit card.

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    Preparation covered

    All kitchen platforms, storage, door handles, delivery bags, boxes and dining facilities are cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals.

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    Staff temperature checks

    All team members including riders undergo daily/regular temperature checks.

How it works

Contactless Delivery in 3 safe steps

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    The driver will place your order where agreed.

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    Our driver will call you when they arrive at the agreed location.

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    The driver will then stand at a safe distance and allow you to pick up your order without any physical contact.

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Your frequently asked questions

How does Contactless Delivery work?

  • When placing your order online (web/m-site/app), please opt for ‘Contactless delivery’ and fill in the ‘driver instructions’ box at checkout with your chosen drop off location. You can write any brief description you like here to help navigate your delivery driver, for example: ‘end of driveway’, ‘by front door’ or ‘main entrance to block of flats’. Sometimes, our rider will also get in touch with you by phone to understand where the pizza needs to be placed.
  • Our driver will place your order where instructed
  • The driver will then call you to let you know your food has arrived
  • The driver will then stand back 3 meters (or 3 large paces) and allow you to pick up your order without any physical contact
  • Once you have collected your order, the driver will leave
  • You will find your receipt placed on the top of your box

Will all orders be delivered as a Contactless Delivery?

No. Only pre-paid orders can be opt-in as contactless delivery. Since we are trying to make this entire process contactless, cash-on-delivery in this case will not be possible.

Does Contactless Delivery cost extra?

No. We believe our customers deserve to feel as safe and comfortable as possible when ordering food in these uncertain times.

Can my food go missing?

No, our riders will leave your food on a clean surface at your doorstep, move back and stand at a safe distance for you to pick up your food. Your food will not be left unattended at any given point. If in case, you are not reachable, the food will be returned to the restaurant.

What else is Pizza Hut Delivery doing to protect team members and customers?

Maintaining the highest health and safety standards is always our top priority, and an essential part of the way our Huts are run. We have reinforced our stringent handwashing procedures and conduct daily temperature checks to ensure that employees who are feeling ill stay at home and seek appropriate medical attention.

We have also increased the frequency with which we clean and sanitize our kitchen platforms, storage, door handles, delivery bags, boxes & dining facilities. Your order is delivered untouched right from our oven to your doorstep.

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