Celebrations Card Programme : Terms & Conditions
  1. Pizza Hut Celebrations programme membership and its benefits are offered at the sole discretion of YRIPL.

  2. Pizza Hut Celebrations programme is applicable only at participating Pizza Hut restaurants/franchisee restaurants in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

  3. Membership is open to all individuals who dine or do a carry out transaction at participating Pizza Hut restaurants. (‘members’ are Individuals who dine or do a carry out transaction at Pizza Hut restaurants and send SMS from their mobile number to register for the Programme). One Card can be registered with one mobile number only.

  4. Registering for the Programme means individual has opted in to the Pizza Hut Celebrations Programme.  YRIPL can therefore use the mobile number for updating individual on his account activity, card expiry dates and other promotional updates for individuals benefit through SMS. Premium SMS rates apply as per the mobile carrier.   

  5. Only individuals may become members of Pizza Hut Celebrations  Programme (defined as individuals who have been accepted as members by YRIPL and who have accepted Pizza Hut Celebrations  Terms and Conditions. Corporations, associations or groups cannot enroll in Pizza Hut Celebrations Programme. YRIPL reserves the right to grant or refuse membership to the Programme.

  6. Members cannot maintain membership in or earn rewards on multiple accounts and therefore a member who has two Pizza Hut Celebrations Card needs to merge/transfer the funds on to one card.

  7. All communication will be sent to the registered mobile number (number through which the SMS to the SMS gateway has been sent at the time of enrolment) and it is the responsibility of the member to update his mobile number in case of a change in number . All communication will be deemed to have been received by the member and YRIPL bear no responsibility for communication not received or lost in the network or any other means.

  8. As part of our endeavour to provide valuable information and offers to members, Pizza Hut Celebrations Programme would develop SMS lists or mailing lists for use by themselves and their Programme partners. These lists are developed under strict supervision and in compliance to applicable statutory regulations, as so as to safeguard the privacy of the member's information.

  9. Consent to receive such offers will be deemed as given until such time that the member expressly withdraws his or her consent to receive SMS and other Programme information from YRIPL and its various Programme partners by opting out of the relevant preference by notifying the Pizza Hut Celebrations  Programme Centre in writing at the address (Pizza Hut Celebrations Programme Manager, Yum Restaurants Pvt. Limited, 2nd Floor,Tower D, Global Business Park, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon . Withdrawal of consent may result in certain services not being offered and/or provided to the member.

  10. Pizza Hut Celebrations Programme has no predetermined termination date and may continue until such time as YRIPL decides to terminate the Programme, at any time, with or without notice to the members. Accumulation of rewards will cease immediately on termination of the Programme. However, members will be given three months, from the date the Programme termination is announced, to redeem the rewards/balance available on the card.

  11. YRIPL reserves the right to add, modify, delete or otherwise change any of the rules, conditions, privileges, benefits, reward or reward levels pertaining to the Programme at its sole discretion, with or without notice, even though changes may affect the value of rewards or rewards already accumulated. This means that YRIPL, may make changes that affect, but are not limited to, participating restaurants, rules for earning Celebrations rewards and the features of special offers.

  12. Membership to the Pizza Hut Celebrations Programme entitles members to earn rewards, which can be redeemed for meal or any product on the Pizza Hut menu in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of the Programme.

  13. Membership in the Celebrations reward Programme is valid till the time the membership card is valid. The membership card is valid for six months after the last transaction (activation, redemption or accumulation  of rewards is completed) on thecard.

  14. YRIPL reserves the right to discontinue membership to Pizza Hut Celebrations Programme to any member who appears to be using the Programme in a manner inconsistent with the Terms & Conditions, or intent of the Programme, or any portion of the Programme, including, but not limited to, point redemption. YRIPL also reserves the right to discontinue membership for any member who acts in a manner inconsistent with local or state laws, statutes or ordinances.

  15. Discontinued membership may result in the loss of all accumulated rewards and the cancellation of all rewards, benefits and privileges, if any.

  16. The sale or barter of any  rewards, Vouchers, or any other benefits other than by YRIPL, is prohibited. Any Rewards, Certificates or benefits which YRIPL deems to have been transferred, sold or assigned in violation of Programme Terms and Conditions may be confiscated or canceled.

  17. Each Member is responsible for remaining knowledgeable   of the Programme Terms and Conditions and about  the number of rewards in his or her account. YRIPL will attempt to send correspondence to active Members to advise them of matters of interest, including notification of Programme changes. However, YRIPL or participating Franchisees will not be liable for any failure to do so and will not be responsible for incorrect or inaccurate transcription of information.

  18. If YRIPL or any franchisee improperly denies a member an accrual, benefit or reward, YRIPL will not be liable to make any payment to the member or compensate him/her in anyway.

  19. Membership is valid till the time the card is valid. 

  20. Celebrations rewards can only be earned at participating YRIPL restaurants and franchisee. The list of participating restaurants is given below:  
  21. The list of participating YRIPL is subject to change at any time, without notice.

  22. To redeem rewards, a member must be a registered member and meet all of the conditions described in the Terms & Conditions.

  23. Members can only earn rewards from the Programme start date as defined by YRIPL, i.e. September  15th, 2010. No rewards will be earned for any amounts charged before the start date of the Programme.

  24. Celebrations reward members will earn 3% rewards on  allspends (sub total amount which is net of taxes and service charges, if any)  at participating restaurants. The rewards earning may differ during promotion period.

  25. The rewards can be earned on the restaurant dining and carry out transactionsonly.   
  26. All applicable taxes including central, state, local and other taxes will be omitted for purposes of point accrual.

  27. You must present thecard to the server or at the counter, at the time of billing so that appropriate rewards may be credited to your account.

  28. Rewards  credit will not be awarded when redeeming any promotional offerings using discounts or free certificates.

  29. Rewards will be earned on the sub total amount on the invoice which doesn’t include the tax and the service charge.

  30. The rewards from a member's account may be deducted  if the rewards have been erroneously recorded under the account.

  31. A member's rewards would be credited to the member's account in a maximum time period of 5 working days from the time member dines in at the restaurant. 

  32. To earn rewards, member must bring and present the ‘Celebrations Card’ to the participating Pizza Hut restaurant every time. No rewards will be given after the date of transaction.

  33.  Any fractional rewards earned will be rounded to two decimal points.

  34. Rewards are valid till the time the card is valid. Rewards on the card expire after 6 months of last transaction. Last transaction is considered as any transaction (card swiped at the EDC terminal at the Pizza Hut outlet or third party distribution channel for activation, accumulation or redemption) on the card.

  35. Rewards once expired cannot be reinstated.

  36. Accumulated rewards do not constitute property of the members. Except as specifically provided herein, no accrued rewards are transferable in the event of death, as part of a domestic relations matter or otherwise by operation of law. In the event of death, the CelebrationsProgramme will be suspended and all accumulated rewards cancelled.

  37. The benefits offered as part of Pizza Hut Celebrations Programme are solely at the discretion of YRIPL and the individual participating restaurants. Should YRIPL or a participating restaurants improperly deny a member a benefit, YRIPL will not be liable to compensate the member for the same.

  38. Rewards earned can be redeemed for a full meal or an item on the menu depending upon the  rewards in members  account. .  The rewards can be redeemed for service charge or the tax component on the invoice.

  39. It is solely the responsibility of the Member to be informed about the Programme.

  40. Rewards cannot be redeemed for cash, prizes or credit.

  41. Rewards may not be sold, auctioned, bartered, brokered or purchased except with the express written consent of YUM Restaurants India Pvt Ltd. (YRIPL) Any Rewards obtained in this manner by any person or entity will be considered to have been fraudulently obtained and will be deemed void if transferred for cash or other consideration.

  42. Participating YRIPL and Reward classifications may change at any time without notice at YRIPL sole discretion.

  43. YRIPL has the right to refuse rewards redemption under this programme at any time.

  44. No rewards may be earned in connection with redemption meal

  45. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the Laws of India and all disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts at New Delhi