Orange Strawberry Spritzer  

  Refreshing orange fizzy drink with a hint of strawberry.
Peppy Peach  

  Sweet peach crush, spiked with a twist of spicy Paprika
Spiced Mango Sparkle  

  Tangy green mangoes with a hint of jalapenos
Litchi Mint Mojito  

  An iced medley of sweet litchi and fresh mint
Green Apple Mojito  

  Classic mojito with a twist of Green Apple
Mojito Blast  

  Frozen mojito with a rush of lemon & fresh mint leaves
Masala Lemonade
Berry Vanilla Shake  

  Strawberry and red berry shake blended with vanilla ice cream
Berry Vanilla Shake  

  Blend of Belgian chocolate, rich cream topped with whipped cream
Banoffee shake  

  Indulgent iced coffee with toffee flavor, topped with sweetened whipped cream and dusted with cocoa
Mocha Cold Coffee  

  Chilled mocha flavoured coffee topped with whipped cream.
Hot Tea  

Lemon Iced Tea  

Litchi Mint Mojito
Fresh Lime & Lemonades
Fresh Lime  

  Prepared with water or soda Available as Sweet, Salted or Mixed.

Masala Lemonade  

Cucumber Splash  

  Beat the heat with this refreshing Cool Cucumber Lemonade
Imli Pataka  

  A flavourful blast with Tamaring and Ginger waiting to explode as you take the first sip !
Aerated Drinks
Cold Drinks

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